Together with employees of Simavi and Tirtha- Drenthe, Casper and Rineke van Ommen went to a children's home for a work visit. This home is in Wamena which lies in the Baliem- valley, Papua New Guinea. Fifty children, from the age of 0 till 18, are taken care of here.

Picture: The childrens home in Wamena

Simavi is investigating the possibility to realise a water supply here. During their visit they have been told that six children are in high school. The children have to walk three hours to and three hours back from school. If they are late they will be punished. They also can not make their homework because there is no money for lights. It is pitch dark at 6:30pm. To give these children a change of a better future, Simavi and the rest took action. They put the people at home to work to get sponsoring for bikes for the children. This way the children have more time to study. Respond was very spontaneous. There was soon an account opened for this project. This became part of Water is Our World.

Picture: The bikes we bought.

In Manado, where they stayed during their visit, they got seven bikes with a lot of spare parts and send to Wamena. They are really glad and very grateful with the bikes because there are no good bikes to buy in the Baliem- Valley.

Picture: We're on our way to school,
on a mountain bike with a backpack.

The WMD helped also, they made money available for the project by selling desk chairs.
Back in Holland they found out that there was a little bit of money left. They are planning on using that for an electricity supply with an aggregator. They want to make possible that all the materials are send together with the school stuff for Manado.
The container will be send half February 2008 to Sulawesi, from there the materials will be send to the Baliem-valley.