Zuiveringsinstallatie Vietnam
Zuiveringsinstallatie Vietnam

Project summary Mozambique

In 2011 a borehole was constructed in Chimoio. This activity was supervised by our local colleague John Bunnink. It became a splendid drinking water supply.
In 2013 the Foundation again started a cooperation with John Bunnink. This time the shared objective is to realize a working drilling machine for constructing drinking water boreholes in villages. The drilling machine is already in Mozambique, additional equipment for drilling is collected in the Netherlands and not yet shipped.



The children's home Chimoio Mozambique

beginning 2009

While Henry Jansen was at work for a project of the water company, he met the principal of a shelter home and a school for orphans whose parents died of aids. That home is in Chimoio.

Picture: The home for the children is in an old fabric hall,
previous owner was Text Africa.

Henry went to visit that home together with his colleagues. They found out that there was barely any material for the teachers to use when teaching. Especially they had a shortage of play material. There is no money for that because the school and the home doesn't get any support of the government because they also don't have the money for that. Henry and his people were surprised about how much the people could do with so little.

Picture: Principal Amy shows some of the material they have.

They house is started by a woman who comes from America. She has to live of the money what comes in from sponsors. The home is part of a foundation T.I.O.S. About 150 to 200 children come daily to get some lessons and to have a place to go for shelter.


Picture: Singing together                                            Picture: The older girls learn how to sew. They make
puppets which they can sell later.

Henry also went to other schools and he found out that there wasn't much material either for the school to run properly. The money isn't there. They have been visiting and talking with the staff of the school a lot. There will be arranged by sponsoring in Holland to get material together and to bring this to the school in Chimoio and, when possible, also to other schools in Chimoio. Soon (half February) we hope to start all this. The container is there already. You will be able to keep track on us on the website. If you have ideas or suggestions you can tell us at the page contact.

Picture: Arrival container december 2009