Abene Senegal
Abene Senegal

Project summary Vietnam

In 2004, on initiative of Casper van Ommen and Jacques van Paassen, a  drinking water production was constructed and taken into operation at the location Tan-Kim using by Vitens donated  used drinking water materials and equipment. In 2006 the drinking water purification system of Abott-Zwolle, the Netherlands, was stripped down and rebuild in Truong Binh (close to Ho Chi Minh City). The local drinking water company HoWaCo (Water Supply Holland) of former colleague Truong Ngo is owner and runs the drinking water supply. The Foundation Water is our World is arisen out of this initiative. Mid-2013 about 20,000 people now have a reliable drinking water supply. Expansion plans are in development.



Can Giuoc

Spring 2005

A filter installation is available at Abbott, Zwolle. This installation, designed by WMO and built by company Rook, St. Jansklooster, was very suitable for re-use. Contact is made to get this installation for Vietnam. It’s capacity is 1200m3/ day. After writing a project proposal Abbott made the installation available to Truong Ngo. With the help of volunteers and sponsors the installation is dismantled and been send to Can Giuoc, Vietnam. The pump station was build with the support of a technical employee of Abbott and multiple volunteers (ex-colleagues). There was a lot made happen during the two missions. The pump-station, Truong Binh, supplies the local people, about 10.000 persons, of safe drinking water, which satisfies the Dutch quality standards. The water supply company runs now with the name Water Supply Holland. (WSH)


Picture: Dismantle the Abbott installation

Picture: The arrival of a filter kettle


Rach Soi district, Kien Giang province

einde 2003

Advising and project accompaniment for the build of purification installation to the Viet-Ha for Kien Hung Seafood Company VN. Capacity 20m3 per hour for local drinking water and process water. This was at the end of 2003.

Picture: Purification installation


Than Loc - Can Giuoc

february 2003

Truong Ngo, after he was a boat refugee he worked as geo-hydroloog at the ‘Waterleiding Maatschappij Overijssel’ (Watersupply Compagny Overijssel, further written as WMO).

He returned back to Vietnam in 2003 to make his wish come true. He wanted to provide the local people of drinking water. He used the knowledge he got at the WMO.
He also got ex-colleagues who have experiences with designing and building water supplies from source to tap. These colleagues got their experiences because they’ve been to Suriname to make water installations out of old and new material. Before he left for Vietnam he looked at which material was there and what was still required to make a start of the built of a water purification installation which would have the capacity of 1000m3/ day. The used materials were from the water company but were made available for the project.
In February 2003 Truong and a volunteer made a start with the build of a drinking water installation in Than Loc, just outside of Ho Chi Minh City. His company Viet-Ha was up and running. This new company was about to get a capacity of 7000m3/ day.

Picture: Build of the funding of the filter kettle.


Picture: Putting the under water pump in place


Long Cang ward, Can Duoc district, Long An province.

The Advising and project accompaniment for the built of nanofiltration to WSH for Long Cang ward. The capacity is 10m3 per hour of harsh water with an increased hydrochloride quality; result 5m3/ h local drinking water and process water.

Picture: Settlement of the nanofiltration.