Waterleiding Senegal
Waterleiding Senegal

Project summary Senegal

The project, focussed on a rural drinking water supply system in Abéné (South west Senegal) and surrounding villages, is already ongoing since 2003. The local drinking water company Casameau, established by the Foundation Water is our World, is slowly developing into a technical and managerial professional organization. Plans in 2014 is to extend the drinking water supply in Abéné to two neighboring villages, to construct a new drinking water supply system in Kataba and to extend the drinking water supply in Diouloulou and Kafountine. The financial organization of the company  Casameau still needs a lot of coaching and is up to now insufficient. It slows down development.



Project recovering the drink water supply in Abéné

2003 -  2007

Abéné is a village with about 3.000 people in the south of Senegal. In 1990 is a drinking water supply made, with the help of the French government. It is a well with a pump and generator, a water tower and a small network of 6 central drinking taps in the village. The water supply didn't last though. The people who live in Abéné soon had to get their water from their own wells again.

In 2003 Jacques van Paassen and Casper van Ommen started with recovering and expanding the drink water supply in Abéné. They both work for Vitens, a water company in Holland. With help of sponsors and a lot of volunteers are many materials like underwater pumps, a new generator, tubes, water meters and others send to Abéné.


Picture: Well in Abéné with a underwaterpump. Depth 100 meter


Mother Festival delivered of a baby boy on the
day the container with all the material arrived.
She called her boy 'Container'. Casper
is allowed to hold him. Next to him is mr. Lamin,
employee of the project in Abéné.

At the end of 2004 in the drinking water supply back in business. Also they made the first connection to people's houses to supply them from water. From that moment on the supply of drinking water has been uninterrupted. In 2006 is a second container with materials send for the water supply in Abéné and two close villages Alberda and Diana. In 2007 we were able to realize alot of new water connections with people's property's with the help of young, trained by us, people. About 2.500 people have direct access to drinking water by half 2007. In 2008 and further the activities around drinking water abilities will expand to the other two villages. This can be done by trained, local people.

Drink water organisation
At the start of recuperating the supply of drinking water we first contacted the Comité de Forage. They are responsible for the supplies of drinking water in Abéné. The comity is a selected board, chosen by the people who live in the village, existing out of 5 men. With them we wanted to make an agreement that we would help them recover the water supplies, but with conditions. At first we wanted the comity to be registered as an official comity who only occupied himself with the delivery of drinking water and the activities that come with that. The second condition was that everyone who was getting drinking water also had to pay for that water. This was a new thing for them. The third condition was that an account would be opened at an official bank. All income of water supplies had to get on that account. We also agreed that there can only be money obtained if the president and the secretary both agree. The comity agreed and on our request a woman has joined the comity now.
Parallel to the way of convalescence of water supplies the has been a lot of consultation about the organistation, the education of the members of the comity and technical staff, tariff interview, communication with the consumers, how to deal with people who wont pay, etcetera.

Futurity Activities
At the end of 2007 there will be a filter installed to remove all the iron which is in the water.

Picture: Reel- and filtration water connection at filter installation

Picture: Filter is ready and put to use.
The imam lead a short inauguration ceremony.

After that the water has the quality that Dutch water requires. To be expected is that, at the end of 2007, more than 90% of all the people in Abéné has access to safe drinking water by a property connection.
In 2008 there will be made a beginning with the digital processing of all kind of data like use of water, bills and etcetera. Computers will be installed and courses will be given. The water network will also expand to Alberda.

Next to water supplies is sanitation also important to make the health of people better. These two things are matched together to get subsidy supply of the Dutch government.
There has been a study in 2007 about the way of dealing with waste streams like wash water and urine. A pilot will be started in 2008 based on those experiences and best practices in other development countries due to relief and processing waste streams.
They already learn about hygiene in elementary school.