Working method

The Foundation Water is our World is a non-subsidized Dutch organization focused on constructing, rehabilitating or improvement of drinking water supply systems and sanitation systems in rural villages and smaller towns in developing countries.
Our service is direct help by e.g. supplying and installation of drinking water and sanitation materials. But also by coaching and educating on reliable drinking water, sanitation, technical management, and hygiene education (WASH). If necessary used, but good drinking water materials and purification systems are re-used.

Materials and installations
Materials and purification systems from Dutch drinking water companies sometimes are not in use anymore. The Foundation has a store of 150 m2 at location Witharen, in the east of the Netherlands. On this location materials and installations are cleaned, sorted out, archived en stored. At least once a week volunteers do theirs level best to get all the materials re-usable again and to prepare shipping.

The Foundation only works with volunteers, donated money is  spent 100% on the projects. All volunteers are rooted in the world of drinking water and sanitation and have a lot of experience in realizing water projects in developing countries. They have already been active in Indonesia, Lesotho, Moldova, Mozambique, Rumania, Serbia, Surinam, Senegal and Vietnam

The projects turn up in very different ways. More and more other foundations and organizations request for support on a drinking water or sanitation issue. The Foundation coops especially with the Dutch foundation “De wilde ganzen”